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Hotdog Fish

Hotdog Fish

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Say hi to this simple snuffle toy. Hide treats in the hat or plant holder for added fun!

Measures approximately: 24cm x 12cm

Benefits of Snuffling:
- Help pets relieve stress.
- Encourages slower eating habits.
- Keeps pet busy.
- Creates mental stimulation for pets who are unable to engage in normal playtime activities.

Product care:
- Machine wash or hand-wash
- Wash with pet safe detergent
- Do not use in dryer
- Allow toys to air-dry

- Snuffle mats/ toys should never be used to replace regular exercise.
- Snuffle mats/ toys are not meant for chewing
- Toys should always be given to pets under supervision

Soft Fleece

*Product pictures and write ups are done in-house and do not represent the official description by the brand