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Wah Family Rewards Program

What is the Wah Family rewards program about?
We treat everyone who shops with us as equal family members and no one should be left unrewarded! 
The Wah Family loyalty program rewards all Wah family members in the form of Wah points. Earn Wah points on every purchase and redeem them for discount vouchers. 

How do I earn Wah Points? 
You will earn points by creating an account with us, making a purchase or simply visiting our store once per week! Sometimes, we'll also launch special events for you to earn points.

Do I earn points on shipping and sales items? 
You will not earn points on shipping and sales promotion items. 

I visit your store daily why do I not receive Wah points for that? 
You will earn points only once per week by visiting our store ! Of course, we'd appreciate if you do take the time to browse as we launch New Arrivals frequently.

I did not receive Wah points for my purchase what should I do? 
Drop an email to with your Order ID and we'll find out what happened. 

Can I convert my Wah points to money?
All points earned are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and hold no monetary value. The points can only be used to redeem rewards.

I have redeemed a discount voucher why can't I use it with a promo code?
Unfortunately, the system we are currently using does not allow users to redeem discount vouchers on top of using promo codes. Our team is working hard to make this happen and once possible, we'll update this section.

How long are Wah Points valid for?
Wah Points expire twelve months from the time they are earned. 

Have a question on the Wah Family rewards program?
Let us know at

*Wah Wah Pets Pte Ltd reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Wah Family as and when required by providing sufficient notice to current members. By signing up as a Wah Family member, you agree to our privacy policy as stated in this website.