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Can I walk-in to your store to buy things?

As of 1st November 2023, we will no longer offer Store Pick-Up as an option.

Are your items ready stock or do I have to wait for a few days after placing an order?

All products listed on our website are ready stocks unless otherwise stated.

What modes of payment do you accept online/in store?

You can make payment via VISA, Mastercard and/or Paynow. 

Can I reserve an item?

We do not accept reservations for products.

Why is the packaging for the product I received different from the website?

While we try our best to update the images and information on our website in a timely manner, manufacturers may change the packaging and measurements of some products without notice For the most accurate information, always refer to the actual product or contact us for clarification.

Should I give my pet toys immediately upon receiving it?

We understand the excitement to want to let your baby play with new toys immediately. We strongly suggest washing all toys with water before allowing your furkids to play with them as items were produced in factories and might contain dust particles. Call us worry-pots but we want the best for our babies, and this is what we practice at home as well:)

My pet damaged the toys while playing. Can I get an exchange?

Our toys are not indestructible, and we are unable to guarantee how long they will last as each furkid bites differently. Our toys are meant to spread joy whilst it lasts. If your furkids are aggressive chewers, we recommend getting stronger and sturdier toys instead of plushies as they will last longer. In the event where toys are damaged, it should be removed immediately to prevent choking.

Can I use toys to keep my pet entertained while I head out?

We strongly advised that all toys should be played under supervision as we do not know the extent of your furkids destruction ability.