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About Us

Wah Wah Pets was inspired by our 3 Chi -WAH-WAHS.

As owners of 3 monstrous Chihuahuas, we realised that it was very costly to constantly shower our babies with new toys and it was not sustainable on our wallets to keep filling that shopaholic void(we'd very much rather save those spare cash for rainy days or spend on health supplements for the trio).

We started Wah Wah Pets with an aim to become THE pet marketplace for owners to find affordable and quality products at bargain-worthy prices. We spent months of research, sorting out the boring information so owners and furkids can have fun without breaking the bank.

The Promise
Often, brands spend excessively on unnecessary materials to create unboxing experiences and these costs are passed on to pet parents.

We've decided to keep those costs to a minimum or until there is reasonable sense to do so. Every dollar we can save is directly passed on to fellow pet owners so you can spend the savings on other things for your furkids.

As we grow, we promise to keep costs to a minimal. 

Join us on this journey as we slowly expand the collection for all fur buddies of different shapes and size.